Top 3 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Cambridge

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Top 3 Kid-Friendly Places to Eat in Cambridge

The kids are hungry, youre hungry, but you really dont feel like cooking tonight. Instead of getting take-out, why not take the entire family out? There are a number of kid-friendly restaurants in Cambridge, which either let kids eat for free or that go out of their way to create a family-friendly atmosphere. Whether youre looking for a good deal or for a place that wont kick you out because you have kids, there are plenty of options in the Cambridge neighborhood.

Free Meals for Kids

A Japanese sushi restaurant might not be the first thing that comes to mind when youre thinking about a kid-friendly place to grab a bite to eat. However, Bisuteki Tokyo lets children under age 12 enjoy a meal on the house every Sunday night, as long as an adult is buying a meal. The childrens menu at Bisuteki isnt that extensive, but it should be enough to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Kids can pick from chicken, shrimp, or steak, all of which are served with white rice and soup.

It might be a chain, but Uno Pizzeria & Grill also lets kids under age 12 eat for free, every Tuesday night, with a paying adult. One highlight of the kids menu at Uno is the make your own pizza option. Kids get an apron, dough, sauce, and the right toppings, and then get to assemble their pizza at the table.

Play and Eat

Sitting at a table waiting for the food to come can be too much for some kids to handle, particularly little kids. Luckily, some Cambridge area restaurants understand that and feature play areas to keep little ones busy while they wait to eat. The mission of Full Moon Restaurant has always been to provide a kid and family-friendly place to eat. The restaurants play area features a pretend kitchen, toy train table, and even a chalk wall for kids to draw on. The tables at the restaurant are also covered in paper, so that kids can draw or color while they wait.

Friendly Atmosphere

With a name like Friendly Toast, youd be right in assuming that the brunch-centric restaurant is particularly welcoming to guests of all ages. While it might not have special deals for the young ones, the restaurant does have enough quirkiness to make your meal entertaining.

Wagamama, a chain of restaurants offering westernized Japanese dishes, also makes it a point to be welcoming and friendly to kids. The restaurants kids menu features a number of small dishes for under $10, and each kids meal comes with a free beverage. Ramen noodles which kids get to slurp are a highlight of the menus options. To keep kids from getting bored while they wait, the restaurant gives out free activity books. Plus, the free drink kids get comes in a reusable, take-home cup with a bendy straw.

Going out to eat with the family isnt just a great way to spend time together. It also gives you a chance to expose your kids to foods they might not get to try otherwise. While plenty of kid-friendly places focus on chicken tenders and mac and cheese, plenty more also offer a variety of different tastes.

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