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Looking for short-term medical housing in Boston, MA?

Rather than staying in a hotel, many people planning to stay in the region for longer than a week or two prefer the comfort and amenities found in short-term rental housing. Cambridge's Vox on Two, for example, offers short-term apartment rentals with luxury features meant to make you feel right at home.

Conveniently located just outside of Boston in Cambridge, Vox on Two is an eight-minute walk away from the Alewife Station stop on Boston's MBTA Red Line subway. Take the train and you can be in the city in just 20 minutes. One of Boston's best hospitals, Mass General, even has its own T stop at Charles/MGH Station. Taking the car? Vox on Two is centrally located just a few miles from each of the areas major hospitals.

Hospitals near Vox on Two

Mass General

Known widely as Mass General, Massachusetts General Hospital is one of the country’s oldest hospitals. Today it’s world-renowned for its expert medical care and path breaking scientific research. Its facilities include a pediatric care center, MassGeneral Hospital for Children, as well as multidisciplinary care centers focusing on transplants, vascular medicine, cancer treatment, and more. Mass General has frequently been named among the best in the country, and it draws patients from around the world.

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Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Brigham and Women’s Hospital is one of Harvard Medical School’s teaching hospitals. The hospital gathers more than a thousand doctors including specialists in endocrinology, rheumatology, and heart surgery. The hospital is a referral center for complex medical cases, bringing patients from all over the country to its facilities near Boston’s Longwood Medical Area.

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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Another of Harvard’s teaching hospitals, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) was one of the first hospitals in the country to use electronic medical records. BIDMC offers treatment for adults in many specialties, and it treats hundreds of thousands of patients each year. Its main facilities are located just a short trip from Cambridge near Harvard Medical School.

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Why Choose Short-Term Rental Housing Over a Hotel?

If you're planning on being in the Boston area for a month or two, a short-term apartment can make you feel more comfortable than a hotel – and that an important consideration if you or a loved one is visiting the area to receive care at one of Boston's hospitals.

For one thing, an apartment feels more like home. You'll have your own kitchen to prepare meals, which is much more satisfying than the typical continental breakfast served in hotels each morning. Plus, its a major money-saving advantage and a big benefit if medical treatment calls for special dietary or nutritional needs.

An overlooked advantage? Many short-term rental housing options are pet friendly. Not all extended-stay hotels welcome cats and dogs, and finding a pet sitter while you're in Boston could be a costly hassle. In a pet friendly short-term apartment, you'll also be able to enjoy your pets companionship during your stay.

One of the biggest advantages is cost. Short-term apartment rents are priced based on the month, and not at a daily rate that can run upwards of $100. If you're planning to stay in the Boston area for more than a week or two, short-term rental apartments like those at Vox on Two can often be a more affordable option while giving you and your family extra space during your stay. The extra space can also make it easier for family members to visit during treatment.

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