3 Ways to Volunteer in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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You can gain so much from giving back to your community, and the residents of Cambridge know this all too well. There are many opportunities in the area to support nonprofit organizations that serve a wide variety of causes. Plus, these groups are always looking for assistance. Working with these groups can help you learn about your community, develop new skills, and feel confident that you are part of the solution in helping the residents of your town live a better life. Continue reading to learn more about the top local programs that grant you the chance to volunteer in Cambridge, MA. You will surely find that at least one of these programs is the right choice for you, and they are happy to accept your help!

Food Assistance

Living in Cambridge, MA is such a wonderful experience, but even our community has residents that are struggling to keep food on the table for their families. There are a number of food pantries in town that are staffed with committed volunteers. Each pantry needs volunteers that are willing to help pick up and drop off food donations, stock the shelves and assist clients during their visits. Clients are dependent on the food products carried by our city’s pantries, and many would be left completely food-insecure without these programs. No one deserves to go hungry, and you can directly help local families that are struggling.

Youth and Art

Experiencing different forms of art and being creative is an important part of child development. Unfortunately, many children from low-income families do not have access to see different forms of art, or have the opportunity to create art themselves. Since 1932, the Community Art Center has been here to connect young people in the Cambridge neighborhood with a chance to express themselves and see how art can transform lives and communities. Children at the CAC can participate in activities and events that celebrate film, painting, music, and several other forms of art. If you enjoy working with children, working with the Community Art Center is a wonderful place to volunteer in Cambridge.

Caring for Animals

Although there are a number of people in the greater Boston area in need of assistance, we would be remiss to forget about all of the animals that need help too. There are countless dogs, cats, and other pets that lost their families through no fault of their own, and the survival of these animals requires communal support. Fortunately, the Animal Rescue League of Boston offers area residents numerous ways to lend a helping hand. Volunteers can offer their support through feeding animals, training dogs, or coordinating special events. You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer and commit to no less than 5 months of service to be accepted as a volunteer.

Residents of Cambridge find that there are so many different ways to make a difference in their community. Which volunteer role will you choose?

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