8 Ways to Support Local Businesses in Cambridge

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Cambridge, Massachusetts is a town that loves its local businesses. In fact, the city even sponsors a Lovin Local raffle to encourage people to shop at local stores or to patronize local businesses. From local shops to local service providers, you'll find plenty of what you need to live comfortably and happily while renting in Cambridge.

Local Books

Given that its home to two of the most prestigious universities in the country, it should be no surprise that Cambridge is also home to a number of local bookstores. One such shop, Bryn Mawr Bookstore, also happens to be one of the last remaining used bookshops in the area. It was founded back in 1972 and has a collection of more than 30,000 used and rare books. Although the store is located in Harvard territory, all proceeds from the store go to support students attending Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. Since it began, the store has raised more than $1 million for student scholarships.

Poetry lovers should check out Grolier Poetry Shop, which happens to be the oldest continually operating poetry bookstore in the US. The store has more than 15,000 volumes of poetry, including a number of small trade and university press offerings.

Bike Sales and Repair

Cycling is big in the area, so its no surprise that there are a number of local shops dedicated to selling bikes and repairing them. The aptly named Cambridge Bicycle has been selling and repairing bikes for more than 15 years. Along with selling and servicing a variety of bikes, from BMX to fixed gear road bikes, the shop also offers rentals.

The Broadway Bike Shop is a collectively owned bike repair shop and store. The shop is co-owned by the people who work there. Along with offering basic bike tune-ups and repairs, the shop also holds a number of classes for people who want to learn to do repairs on their own. Classes include a basics workshop, wheel-building, and a class for women.

Financial Services

Sometimes, you literally want to keep your money in the community. Two local banks let you do just that. Cambridge Savings Bank is one of the oldest community banks in the states, as well as one of the largest. It has 17 branches in the area and offers a full range of services.

The Cambridge Trust Company is another locally run bank. It offers personal and business accounts for savings and checking, as well as a slew of wealth management services, such as fiduciary services and estate settlements.

Food and Drink

Broadway Marketplace offers more than you'd expect. Its a classic corner grocery store and deli that also happens to sell sushi, organic produce, and a selection of freshly baked goods. The market also has an ample selection of beer, wine, and liquor.

Cambridge Naturals was the first health food store in the area when it opened in 1974. It remains family owned today and continues to offer a wide range of organic foods, natural vitamin supplements, and natural health and beauty products.

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